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Makmur Sunusi, Ph.D.
Date of  birth
1 January 1954
Place of Birth
Donggala,  Central Sulawesi, Indonesia
Jl. Ori Raya  B 2/18 Pondok Bambu Jakarta Timur 13430
(021)  8606587, 0811162862
Director General for Social Services and Rehabilitation, Ministry of Social Affairs Republic of Indonesia
1992 - 1994
Doctor of Philoshopy (International Social Work) School of Behavioural Sciences, La Trobe University, Melbourne,  Australia.
1990 - 1992    
Master of Behavioural Sciences
(International Social Work) School of Behavioural Sciences, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia
1985 - 1987
Doctorandus (Social Work), Bandung School of Social Welfare, Indonesia.

1983 - 1985
Bachelor of Social Work (Social Work),  Bandung School of Social Welfare, Indonesia.
1972 - 1976
Bachelor of Arts  (English), Academy for Foreign  Language, Ujung Pandang, South Sulawesi, Indonesia
1980 - 1983
School of Public Administration (Public Administration), Ujung Pandang, South Sulawesi,
April 2006  - Up to Present 
Director General for Social Services and Rehabilitation.
March 2004 – February 2006  
Director for Child Welfare Services

1994 - up to present
Lecturer in the University of Indonesia,   Department of Social Welfare (Master Program). Teaching “Development Strategies for Developing Countries”.
1995 – 1999
National Consultant for Urban Poor Project,  Collaboration of UNDP - Ministry of Social Affairs.
1999 – 2001
Assistant Deputy Minister Office of The State Ministry of Societal Affairs of Indonesia
1990 - 1994
On Study leave in Melbourne, Australia.
1981 - 1990
Project Manager of the Hill Tribes Resettlement in South Sulawesi with the Ministry of Social Affairs of Indonesia.
Duties : Formulating plan of intervention for Hill Tribes  Resettlement, Leasing the Department’s policies with the Regional Government, Supervising the project staff
in accordance to the achievement of project’ goals.
1979 - 1981
Project  Coordinator with the Foster
Parents Plan International Incorporation in South Sulawesi, Indonesia.
Duties : Coordinating the implementation of Community Development Program. The program is a poverty alleviation project which involve people participation at the village level. Assisting the Director in formulating project proposal to the International Head Quarters in New York.

1978 - 1979
Assistant Accountant with International Nickel Corporation (INCO), a Canadian nickel mining company in Soroako, South Sulawesi, Indonesia.
Duties : Assisting the Project Accountant in preparing general ledger and  cash reconciliation on overseas purchases
1976 - 1978
Administrative Assistant with Union
Carbide Corporation of Indonesia (an American  Company).
Duties : Assisting the Area Manager in preparing marketing and sales reports in Sulawesi, Moluccas and Irian Jaya. Assessing sales forces’ performances and monitoring distributors’ sales performances.

Sept,29– Oct,2, 2009
The 30th Meeting of ASEAN Senior Officials on Drug   Matters (ASOD), Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
Agustus, 17 – 19,2009
The 2nd meeting of the Working Group that will work towards the establishment of an ASEAN Commission on the Promotion and Protection of the right of Woman and Children (WG-ACWC), Bangkok  Thailand
July 27 – 30, 2009
Workshop on UNICEF Regional office “Social Protection”Yangoon, Myanmar
Maret, 9 – 15, 2009
Delegation the 2nd Islamic Conference for Ministers Responsible for Children, Karthoum, sudan
June, 26 – 27 ,2008
Delegation member of The 2nd Meeting of the Sherpa Group of the Network of Global Leaders, Jakarta, Indonesia
April, 6 -12, 2008
Universal Periodic review of Human Right, as member of Indonesia’s Delegation,  Geneva, Stwitzerland
February, 2008
Forum to Fight Human Trafficking,as member of Indonesia’s delegation Vienna - Austria
December’ 2007
6th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting and 2nd ASEAN + 3 Ministerial Meeting for Social Welfare and Development, as member of Indonesia’s Delegation, Hanoi – Vietnam
Oktober’ 2007
High – Level Meeting on International Plan of action on ageing (MIPAA), Macau – China.
Agustus’ 2007
The 28th Meeting of ASEAN Senior officials on Drug Matters (ASOD), the fourth ACCORD Joint Task Force Meeting and the Third SOMTC + 3  Working Group Meeting on Narcotic, Hanoi – Vietnam.
September’ 2007
High – Level Intergovernmental Meeting on the Midpoint Review of the Asian and Pacific Decade of Disabilities Persons, Bangkok – Thailand
Juni’ 2007
UNESCAP – APCD High – Level stakeholders Workshop on Empowerment of People with Disabilities and a barrier – free society through Networking and collaboration,        Bangkok – Thailand
Maret’ 2007
The Signing of Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, New York – USA
Februari’ 2007
Head Delegation of Indonesia, to Commission for Social Development, 45th United Nation Session, NewYork – USA.
Februari’ 2006
Head Delegation of Indonesia, to Commission for Social Development, 44th United Nation Session, NewYork – USA.
July 2002
International Federation of  Social Workers in Vienna, Geneva.
July 2002
International Association of School of Social Work in Montpellier, France.
May  2002
World Assembly on Aging in Madrid,  Spain held UNITED  NATION
December  1999
Field Study-Cum-Regional Seminar On Poverty  Alleviation  Among Rural Persons With Disabilities at National Institute of Rural Development, Hyderabad, India. Held  by ESCAP.
September 1999
International Council on Social Welfare (ICSW) in Sidney – Australia As Participant.
July 1999
Asian  Social Welfare Administrators Workshop in Tokyo – Japan as Participant.
September 1998
Asia Pacific Workshop on Poverty Alleviation – ESCAP in Bangkok.
September 1997
International Children and Family Training In Pittsburg, Pennsylvania – USA as Trainee.
November 1993
APASWE (Asia-Pacific Association of
Social Work Educators) in Bombay.Elected as a member of the Board of Committee which consists of five members
August 1993  
International Congress on  Social Work in Washington, USA.

December 1992
Expert Group Meeting of ESCAP in Bangkok on Social Development Strategies for the Year 2000 and Beyond.
July 1992
APASWE (Asia-Pacific Association of Social Work
Educators)in Hongkong.
July 1986
APASWE ( Asia-Pacific Association of Social Work
Educators) in Jakarta.


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